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Hylemore originates from 20 years of experience in the field of art, leading to the development of an innovative 3D printing technique that was used to reproduce classical and modern paintings with all their materic and textural beauty.


The high level of quality and fidelity allowed us to establish important collaborations with art experts and internationally renowned museums, such as the Vatican Museums. 


During this time, the desire of research and innovation urged us to experiment on various materials that eventually led to perfect a unique technology to create high definition, color 3D prints on flexible materials, such as leather, synthetic leather and paper.


Hylemore introduces the possibility to transform any digital image such as digital artworks, paintings,  photographs or illustrations, into high-definition full color 3D prints on flexible materials, such as leather, synthetic leather and paper. 


Our mission consists of providing a product completely designed and manufactured in Italy for the fashion and luxury packaging industries.

Let the surface awaken and vitalize your touch

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HYM carries 3D products on leather, printed at photographic quality with water-based inks having extremely high resistance to flexing and abrasion tests.


HyleLeather is available in prints (max. 100×70 cm) with which it is possible to directly make items such as purses and accessories or decorative elements and tags with the desired shape and dimensions ready to be applied to clothing and footwear.


HYM expands the product range offering HyleFabric products which are made by using fabric as a support.

Their high versatility, flexibility and exceptional resistance easily allows to meet the various needs from the fashion and footwear industry.


HyleFabric involves not only the sense of sight, but also the sense of touch directly on items such as purses and accessories or decorative elements applied to clothing and footwear.



HYM perfected its technology in order to utilize paper as the substrate for the 3D prints.

These are of great interest to manufacture luxury packaging as well as labels and other paper-based items.


HylePaper prints have the necessary flexibility to be easily bent upon creasing and are available in different finishings and dimensions. 

How it works

HYM’s graphic designers offer completely customizable 3D surfaces starting from the 2D image chosen by the customer. The process, in fact, consists of the generation of a 3D rendering and the production of samples that will allow the customer to touch the 3D print with his/her own hands.


Send us any digital image such as photographs, illustrations, digital artwork


We digitally design the 3D surface pattern of your image.


We realize photorealistic views to give an idea of the 3D texture


We turn your image into a tactile full color 3D print and mail it to you.

The 3D surface enhances the beauty of the original image and increases the enjoyment of the artwork.

The result will be a perfect balance between color and texture that will demand to be touched.


Tel. +39 050 8055271


 Via Olanda, 10 – 56021, Cascina – Pisa (PI), Italy

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